An older, retired man was brought forward to STHT by his addiction counsellor. This client financially supports himself with his pension and CPP, which is very little. This individual has been in Fort McMurray for a very long time and although, he financially struggles in this town, he does not want to leave Fort McMurray. When this client came to STHT, he was homeless, moving between the shelters, and trying to maintain his sobriety and take care of his multiple health problems. Managing sobriety and health concerns are very difficult tasks, adding homelessness to this makes managing these other items almost impossible. His addictions work was concerned, as this client is getting older and his health is deteriorating, he was lonely and he needed stability in his life to allow him to focus on his sobriety and health.


Fortunately, we were able to house this client rather quickly and we were able to place this client in a unit with another male client around the same age. Soon after the client moved in, he had major health complications and was in and out of the hospital. Having a warm place and a bed for this client to come home to between hospital visits was crucial for his healing.  Soon after the hospital visits ended, this client lost a family member to a tragic accident as well as one of his best friends to cancer. Through all of his health complications and the loss, the client has maintained his lower consumption of alcohol, stayed optimistic, hopeful and thankful for what he does have. STHT was able to connect this client with proper counselling supports and he continues to focus on his many health concerns and doing his best to manage these concerns. This client is also looking for part-time work, as he would like something to occupy his days.

Having a roof over his head was not the only positive thing that has happened for this client over the last few months. Over the months of living together, this client and his roommate have bonded and become very good friends. The two men take care of one another, cook amazing meals together and keep their place very tidy. When visitors go over to the clients’ home, they likely walk in to find the roommates siting in their matching Lazy Boy recliners, provided by our furniture bank, watching classic television shows. These roommates are always looking out for one another and take care of each other when the other is not feeling well. Having these two clients living together also provides safety, as both roommates are able to contact the STHT coordinator, should something happen to the other client. These two men will soon be moving out of the transitional home into their own unit in the community and they have asked to stay together as roommates. With the support of STHT, doctors, other community agencies, his roommate and the client’s dedication and drive, this client continues to work towards making a different life for himself and we look forward to seeing what else he can achieve in the coming months.