Agency Team

The Support Through Housing Team is possible only through our committed community partners and their dedicated representatives that meet each month to work towards tangible solutions, enabling our clients to break through their barriers to successful housing.

Once a client is referred to STHT, by either self-referral or through a community agency, the information is brought to the Agency Team at our monthly meetings. The 11 Agencies around the table discuss whether the prospective client is a good fit for the STHT program, or if another program in the community may serve them better. If approved by the Team, the client will meet with the STHT Coordinator and Life Skills Coach to create a tailored service plan addressing the client’s goals through specific tasks or actions. This service plan can be changed along the way as independence increases and as goals are achieved.

Our Agency Team Includes: 

  1.   Wood Buffalo Housing & Development Corporation (WBHDC)
  2.   Assured Income for Severely Handicapped (AISH)
  3.   Alberta Health Services, Addictions & Mental Health
  4.   Assertive Outreach Services
  5.   North East Alberta Fetal Alcohol Network (NEAFAN)
  6.   Child & Family Services
  7.   Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)
  8.   Pastew Place Detox Centre
  9.   Native Counselling Services
  10. Waypoints
  11. Salvation Army